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Our real estate marketing and sale service starts with our custom strategies tailored to evaluate your property's unique characteristics, its market to identify its value and ideal customer profile. Our focus is on identifying opportunities within the market, tactics that will sell the home, and putting you in the best negotiating position with buyers. We create custom strategic marketing plans to improve targeting and messaging, and use tried and true methods on top of digital marketing strategies across different channels.


Situations When a Home Valuation May Be Necessary


Partner with a professional

Selling a home can be an extraordinarily rewarding experience, especially if it's your the first time. It is also an intricate process, with a sequence of steps that requires knowledge, patience and attention to detail. A licensed agent provides the experience and steady guidance to manage the process and enable you to focus on the journey.


Set the stage for success

The more buyers through the door in a short period of time, the higher chance of selling quickly, and for a high price. We thrive in the creative marketing space, we know how to attract buyers to your listing, and know how to make it easy for the buyer to say 'yes!' The selling process does not start the day the property is listed but rather, a few weeks before.

Start with a pre-sale inspection to avoid surprises and to remove uncertainty for you and the buyer. Stage for success to showcase your property at its best. Prepare for the professional photoshoot of your home to capture buyers' attention.


Our marketing plan visualized

We will prepare a customized listing timeline which is based on our unique selling system that maximizes exposure and urgency to buyers.


From offer to contract

Reviewing an offer and signing a contract are moments when leveraging your agent’s skills and knowledge is critical. Your agent will help you examine the offer amount and terms, and will convey a counter offer to the buyer, and prepare to negotiate the best possible price, terms and closing date for you. 

You or your attorney will examine the contract of sale to conclude that everything is satisfactory. Upon signing the contract, the buyer's deposit (usually 5% of the sale price), will be due and safeguarded in an escrow account until closing.


From contract to close

At this stage of the selling journey, your agent will help you assemble the remaining documents to prepare you for the move and sale. 

Take time to read through the sale agreement to note the requirements for property condition and what is and isn't included. 

The buyer’s inspector will review the home's condition. Your agent will use the pre-sale home inspection to your advantage at this time. The appraisal will also take place for the buyer’s mortgage approval.

Once all contingencies are met and the title work is complete, your agent will coordinate a final walk-through of the property and help schedule the closing.


Final walkthrough & paperwork

In this penultimate phase of the process, your agent will join the buyers on a final visit to assess the property's condition is as agreed upon and stated within the purchase contract. Below is a list of what the buyer will likely check during this final walk-through.

Review the closing statement with your title agent or attorney and get ready to sign! Be sure to schedule utilities shut off for the day of or after the closing.


Home Valuation
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Marketing Strategy
We will create a custom marketing strategy for your home which includes property preparation and list price recommendations, professional photography, videography, brochures, flyers, a custom website, and more.
Track Record and Local Expertise
Our team has a record-breaking track record for a reason. View our case studies, testimonials, and recent transactions to learn more. Who you work with matters.


Hear what our satisfied sellers have to say and see how we can help you sell your home for more – maybe you’ll be the next success story.



Gatien did an exceptional job selling our house in Palmetto Bay. We set a new neighborhood record for the sale price and its price per square foot. His negotiation skills were top notch as he got us an all cash deal, at asking price, with a free and long post-closing occupancy so we could move with ease. He hired a stager to strategically stage for a higher sale price, used professional photos, video, and extensive advertising to sell it exactly when we wanted for the price we wanted.


- Olivier Schuler - 14525 SW 84th Ave



Gatien Salaun was absolutely fantastic in helping me to sell my late mother's condo. I was in another state and I had never sold any property before. The condo had to be emptied, painted, new keys made. Gatien took care of hiring and supervising local people for painting, cleaning, and moving things. He helped me to understand the process and the paperwork and gave me appropriate referrals. He even obtained and installed new fixtures. He did a wonderful job with virtual staging, showing and selling. I got an offer not long after the condo was ready to show. He was able to promote the apartment’s best features in a changing market environment. He went above and beyond for me and I would recommend him to anyone. He was always respectful, friendly, courteous and patient. Please choose him as your realtor, you will have a wonderful experience. 

Melissa Cole - 4000 Towerside Ter #311



Gatien is a real gentleman and pleasure to work with. My closing had to take place in less than 30 days and Gatien went the extra mile to be sure it closed on time. We sold for the highest price recorded in the building's history for the condo's condition and size. I would surely use him again.

Brian Leslie - 1200 West Ave #530

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Our comprehensive marketing strategy will put your home in the spotlight and attract qualified buyers. Professional photography and presentations will showcase the property's strengths, while targeted online advertising reaches the ideal demographic. Social media promotion and strategic use of open houses will create a buzz and generate interest. You'll stay ahead of the curve by leveraging technology like virtual tours and keeping you informed throughout the process. This multi-faceted approach ensures your home receives maximum exposure through various channels, increasing the chances of finding the perfect buyer and achieving a successful sale.

While real estate commissions can vary depending on the market, property value, and our specific agreement, I'm committed to providing a transparent and competitive commission structure. I'd be happy to discuss a personalized commission rate that works for you during our consultation. The fees are based on the sale price, further solidifying our goal of selling your property for the highest price and best terms.

Let's get specific! During our consultation, we can delve deeper into my specific commission structure and tailor it to your needs. Transparency and clear communication are key to building trust, and I'm here to answer any questions you may have about my fees.

Selling your home can be a complex and time-consuming process. While going the FSBO route might seem appealing to save on commission, partnering with me offers a significant advantage. My expertise in the local market ensures you get the best possible price. I handle the intricate paperwork, negotiations, and marketing, freeing up your valuable time and reducing stress. My skills in negotiation and navigating the complexities of the sale can make a big difference in your bottom line. Additionally, my network of contacts and professional approach will ensure your home gets maximum exposure to qualified buyers. Let me take the reins and guide you towards a smooth and successful sale.